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List of Kumo Ninja

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1 List of Kumo Ninja on Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:16 pm


N-L Owner | Head of Staff
N-L Owner | Head of Staff
Kage: Rido (Yondaime)
Name: Arashiyuro Rido
Village: Kumogakure
Bio: Rido is a young man from Kumogakure
Powers: Sage Mode. (cat)

Common Jutsu:

Ranton: Re-za Sa (Laser Circus)
Ranton: Kei (Whips)
Ranton: Taikuuhoko (Flak Cannon)
Raiton: Bushin
Raiton Yoroi (Lightning Release Armor)
Suiton: Kabe (Wall)
Suiton: Bunshin
Rasengan - (Various Froms)

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