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Silvers bio

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1 Silvers bio on Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:10 am


Eyecolor: Black.
Village of Birth: Village Hidden in Rain. (雨隠れの里, Amegakure no Sato)
Village of Residence: Vilage Hidden in the Leaves. (木ノ葉隠れの里, Konohagakure no Sato)
Country Of Origin: Land of Rain. (雨の国, Ame no Kuni)
Last Seen: Konohagakure.
Clan: Black Blood Clan. (ブラック血一族, Kurochi Ichizoku)
Team: Dusk. (夕暮れ, Yūgure)
Position within Dusk: 6th in Command.
Tattoo and Positioning: Left Chest, Shark. (左胸鮫, Hidari Mune Same)
Dusk Title: The Bloody Moon Of Dusk. (夕暮れのブラディムーン, Yūgure no Buradimūn)
Use within Dusk: tactician.
Partnered With: Chinote.
Classification: Kage, S-Class Sight-Nin and Jinchūriki.
Summoning Contracts: Scorpions. (スコーピオンズ, Sukōpionzu)
Haircolor: White.
Blood Type: O-
ID#: Never Enrolled.
Elements: Fire Release, (火, Katon) Wind Release, (風, Fūton) Lightning Release. (雷, Raiton)
Kekkei Genkai: Blood Style. (血遁, Chiton)
Dōjutsu: Copy Wheel Eye. (写輪眼, Sharingan) (Genetically Altered and Pirated 3 Tomoe, Right Eye)
All Seeing White Eye. (白眼, Byakugan) (Genetically Altered and Pirated, Left Eye)
Bijū: Six-Tailed Slug. (六尾の蛞蝓, Rokubi no Namekuji)
Stats: Taijutsu: 5 | Kenjutsu: 3 | Genjutsu: 1 | Intelligence: 4 | Speed: 5 | Strength: 2 | Stamina: 5 | Chakra Level: S |
Unique Traits: His eyes.
Personality: Laid back, cool, funny, merciful, always the one to help.
Appearance: Black hair, Black Byakugan eye, Silver and Black Sharingan, and an average height.
Real Name: Silver.
Last Name: Kurochi.
Headband: Leaf
Headband Placement: Over his eyes to cover both
Tai Style: Unorthadox.
Ken Style: Unorthadox.
Weapons: Black Diamond. (黒ダイヤ, Kuroi Kongoseki) Revelation. (ヨハネの黙示録, Bakuro) Heaven Splitter. (天国スプリッタ, Ten Supuritta) Planet Slayer. (惑星の殺害者, Wakusei Tokko)
Attire: Black Haori(Jacket) with a big hood and a Sun symbol placed where the heart would be, along with a Shark illustrated on the Left Chest showing his Team Position and a Leaf symbol showing his Affliliation to Konohagakure. Black Hakama(Leg-Wear) with a Dark Green Odi(Belt) tied around it. All that is concealed under a Black and Green robe.

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You spelled tactician wrong >> <<

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Blame it on Joe! All came from him xD

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Feck you! Very Happy

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