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1 Riley's stuff on Tue Aug 03, 2010 1:41 am


Clan past: The Bunkatsu clan is often feared for their instability one second being calm the next second being inches away from ripping out someone's throat. The clan also carries a history of its members having multiple personalities, one being kind, malevolent, and pacifistic the other side being murderous, uncaring, and constantly craving blood shed. Due to this, the Mizukage banished them to their own section of the village even going as far as too build their kids their own school. The eyes they hold differ from most clan's: one can be active before the other. This means that the first eye one has could either be the Geka-igan or the Nikuyagan. Every 100 generations there is one child born where both eyes are active at the same time. One eye is active from birth, while the other eye must be forcefully active no later than the age of 10, or the child will be driven mad.

Clan abilities:
Geka-igan *surgeon's eye* appearance: light blue almost white eyes
Ability allows the holder to see the internal organs of anything within his sight. Primarily used for medical ninjutsu too see what was damaged. to check for internal bleeding, and treat the wound better.

Nikuyagan *butcher eye* appearance: black pentagram forms within the actual eye
Ability: allows the holder to manipulate the electrical currents flowing within the body via chakra manipulation *himself* or contact with flesh *opponent*. This can be used on either themselves to increase speed, attack strength, and brain activity or on the enemy to shut off the nerves in the surrounding area temporary then turn them back on, making the pain dealt over time happen all at once.

Unmeikama: A specially crafted pure black scythe, marked along the head of the scythe Morrígan the Celtic god of Death. The handle of the scythe has a skull on the end of the handle. Within the scythe is a small pure black short sword. Whenever the wielder permits, a small lightning bolt would seem to form on the tip of the scythe electrifying the opponent were it too hit.

Kettenmesu: A specially crafted scalpel that when chakra is flowed into it allows the holder to cut into the flesh without blood leaking from the wound making it perfect for surgeries. Instead the scalpel would absorb the blood and store it, converting it into chakra which can be used to heal further.

Kokutō Yoru: the Kokutō Yoru is one of the 12 Saijō Ō Wazamono Grade Swords. It is an ornately decorated with beads on the end and on the handle itself, the blade measuring 7 feet long exactly. On the hilt of this blade is a crossguard, though the bars between the blade and the hilt are much longer than average giving it a crucifix like shape. The blade itself is pitch black with a very strong sheen, and its shape is a single-edged long sword with a slight curve at the end of the blade.
Special notes: over-long usage of the eyes begets madness, eyes dissolving

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Nicely done. Approved - Silver

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