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1 Yūgure on Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:21 pm


Team name:
Dusk. (夕暮れ, Yūgure)

Team History:
Takeo heard the news of the Akatsuki breaking the peace long kept by the nations. One day, he set out to put an end to the chaos and terror made by the Akatsuki. Gathering the best fighters in the shinobi world, he formed Yugure. [Brief Info, Still more to add]

Team Goal:
To restore peace and serenity, also to destroy Akatsuki. [Brief Info, Still more to add]

Team Attire:
Any Colour Haori(Jacket) with any addditions(Length, Hood, Collars, etc) and a Sun symbol swen where the heart would be, along with the Tattoo sewn on where it would be on a Member to show their Team Position and a any Affliliaton symbols to show their Affliliation to that Village. Any colour Hakama(Leg-Wear) with any colour Odi(Belt) tied around it, with any colour boots along with any accessories.

Team Tattoos and Positioning:
Much like Akatsuki with their Rings, Yūgure use Tattoos of different animals and in different body places to show the Ranks. And the exact purpose of the tattoos's has not yet been revealed.
Middle Back : Dragon - Riley. (Leader)
Lower Back : Tiger - Joe. (Founder/Leader)
Right Shoulder : Komodo Dragon - Marc. (Right Hand Man to Joe)
Left Shoulder : Bear - Brian. (Right Hand Man to Riley)
Right Chest : Phoenix - Zack. (4th In Command)
Left Chest : Shark - JJ. (5th In Command)
Right Forearm : Lion - Chi. (6th In Command)
Left Forearm : Ox - Connor. (7th In Command)

Team Groups:
Takeo and Zoro.
Zammuel(Riley) and Belthazor(Brian).
Zack and Chinote.
Silver and Kyuubi__(Connor).

Uses in Yūgure:
Spy/Assassin - Takeo.
Bounty Hunter - Zoro.
Expert Medic/Weapon Expert - Zammuel.
Brawler - Belthazor.
[Yet to have a Use] - Zack.
Final Defence - Chinote.
Tactician - Silver.
Main Attack Force - Kyuubi__.

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2 Re: Yūgure on Tue Aug 03, 2010 3:23 pm


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Aprroved, since your already assembled. Razz

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